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Monday, 25 January 2016

Pinafore love.

I have finally gotten back round to taking some fashion-y pictures. I got the pinafore below from topshop way back in October? But. It's back in stock I saw it in Brighton on Saturday along with the other colours they do! So I thought this was worthy of a post.

I've teamed this was a teeshirt, but I also have a mustard blouse I wear regularly with it, and also a white bardot crop top, which is perfect for summer. I think this pinafore is an all year or type of clothing. It can easily be layered, and also thrown it over a crop for summer usage. 

Thigh highs - Inthestyleuk - these are an absolute bargain!

Pinafore - Topshop

Tee shirt - Topshop - this is a super old top but any tee would look great!


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