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Monday, 18 January 2016

Lush Cosmetics Mini Haul

I had been meaning to go to lush since October but held off as I wasn't planning a trip in to Brighton and figured when I went to Edinburgh I would go then. Edinburgh was so busy that I couldn't shop there, there were too many people! Anyway December rolled round and I made the effort to go to lush even though it was heaving. I literally ran round the shop and got out.

The experimenter. 

This looked like a fun bath bomb so I popped it in my basket, and it was cool to watch fizz away, I tried to get some decent pictures but, the lighting was awful and I forgot all about the White balence on my camera, so don't judge the photos. The finished colour of the water is a little murky! It's smells pleasant with tonka bean, vanilla and vetivert oils added in, and I probably would buy this again just as all the different colours look amazing when they are all swirling round together. 

The Sakura 

I don't even know why I picked it up, 'it looked pretty' is my only reasoning behind this. Again I have used this one and if I'm honest I was slightly disappointed. Mainly because I thought there would be more colour and it fizzed away SO quickly, I ran to get my book and by the time I was back the bath bomb had fizzed away. The scent was nice, thanks to the mimosa absolute. sea salt is added to help soothe the skin too. But I very much doubt I would buy this little fellow again.

Tangled hot oil hair treatment.

I did a full post on this product here, (it's quite in depth one). This product had been floating round my social media sites for quite sometime and I took the plunge to buy it. I will be buying again for sure, depending on hair length I would think your will get at least 2 uses out of very long hair (if you cut the block up) . I felt like after I washed the treatment out I felt like my hair had definitely improved, and it still felt nsmooth and healthy wash after wash! 


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