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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Lush Cosmetics Boxing Day haul

It's the time of year when all the lush fans rush to stores or key bash their keyboard to get on the lush website. Once again lush failed in the UK with their website. Hello no one in the land getting on to their site cuz it's was frickking down!! Anyway I managed to get on site at about 1 in the morning (I was woken by my boyf arriving to mine, I didn't set some random alarm). I was then 13,000 in line in the queue so went to sleep and awoke at 7.30 on the 27th to do my lush shopping.

So let's see what I bagged in the sale, I didn't buy loads of one thing, and I did think of doing a YouTube video on this but I was too scared!

Magic wand Bubble Bar

How could I turn this down?! Multiple uses, smells like candy floss, comes with a bell and bow and of course bubbles! 

Father Christmas Bathbomb

This lovely little bath bomb, smells citrusy and infused with manadrin oil. This is quite an uplifting bath bomb and has a lovely surprise of starting of with white and red and ending up a bright vivid green. I'm excited to use this one!

Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar

Okay so I got this one, because it seemed like good value for money, I could get 5 uses out of this because there are obviously 5 rings, I guess I need to pop one in the bath and see how many bubbles I get out of them! They're covered in glitter which is always fun, and has vanilla absolute in which will be lovely in any bath! 

Golden wonder Bathbomb

This sort of went in my basket because I was on a role, however this is a lovely zesty scented bath bomb, with cognac and lime oils in, it also turns the bath water turquoise. 

Dashing Santa Bathbomb

This got put straight in my basket purely because of Instagram, God dammit! It looks like it'll be a fun bath bomb to watch fizz away, so that is the main reason it got a lucky spot in my basket. The bath bomb delivers toning qualities from mandarin, bergamot and orange flower oils.

Little snow fairy

I was getting to the point of nearing my budget, so I decided to pop this one in rather than the bigger snow fairy gift box, as all I really wanted to do is try the Snow fairy shower gel (Snow fairy shower was out of stock). But the I also thought the 'fun' product would be fun, and it's a cute shade of pink. Fun is also a multi use product, uses include; shampoo, shower wash, and a bubble bath.

Start dust bath bomb

Vanilla, bergamot, and rosewood, lots of soothingly was out of stock already) properties in this one! this one just looked like a lovely simple bath bomb. So I put this one in my basket for that reason!


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