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Saturday, 5 December 2015

November Favourites

How has this happened?  How the hell is it december already? It feels like yesterday that I was writing my October Favourites up. Anyway lets get cracking!

Mac Stone 

My first favourite product has to be my Mac Stone Lipstick! I reviewed it here, so have a little look at that if it takes your fancy. Its just a little different from my other lipsticks which makes it a favourite and its kind of in theme with the seasons?!

Harry Potter

I am now on book 6 of 7 (fully aware that the book in the picture is actually book 5) which makes me kind of un happy because, what will my life become when the books are over?! (I've already had the Potter film marathon last week so thats a no go) Plus side is in the 7th book the whole thing with Snape and Harry's Mother comes out and that shit is deep.

Zoeva Angled Brush

These brushes have come up a few times on my blog and I wouldn't be surprised if the angled brush has appeared in a monthly favourites before, but its just so god damn good I've had to mention it twice! Honestly though if you're looking for defined brows or liner this is the brush for it  (before posting this I actually had on point brows written down, but I cringed too much). Look no further than this brush. amazing for defined brows and I find it works really well with gel liner giving you beautiful winged liner looks.


Okay, a strange one but... my slippers are keeping my feet so warm at the moment that it would be rude not to include them in my monthly favourites. Er Hello eaten pom-poms (thanks to the dog) and green and purple knitted slippers are the way forward.

Certifeye Glitters

Certifeye glitters are amazing high quality glitter for eye makeup looks, they look amazing patted on to the lid or scattered underneath the eye. They are also great to use on your nails with out the glitter looking chunky and they are a bargain! I think I paid £5 or £8 for each of these Im not sure if Ive got the bigger or smaller size, either way they are extremely well priced. These babies have entered my November favourites purely because with Christmas round the corner and fancy do's coming up its hard not to reach for that glitter!

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