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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Lime Crime Venus II Eyeshadow Palette

Oh. My. God. I just don't know what to say. So Im going to tell you everything about this experience.

I finally took the plunge to try Lime Crime, after lots of scandals I had been put off the brand for a long time, until Black friday came a long and I was like 'I haven't bought makeup in forever what has happened to me' and that I had gotten paid I felt it was a chance to celebrate and buy myself something. Also Instagram was to blame... god sake.

I nearly bought the bundle deal that Lime Crime do, which is the original Venus and the second one, but refrained. My palettes are already way over the legal limit. (if a limit actually existed) I know in total the order came to about £28 including shipping which I didn't think was too bad. The arrival of my palette was fairly speeding (I think(it did come from america)), it took my palette 10 days to be in my arms! You do not understand how much I wanted my commute home to go faster.

Anyway. It came packaged with lots of tissue paper and was secure and safe within the package. The palette itself is thick cardboard, something which I personally do not like, but when I ordered this I was aware of it. I just think the cardboard ones get all battered and you can't wipe them clean nicely.

There is a mirror in the palette which is handy, and there is a ledge running round the eyeshadows, so when you close the palette the mirror clicks into place keeping everything closed and safe. The shadows are placed quite far from each other which is a good thing as although these aren't chalky you do get quite a bit drop off from them when you place the brush on the shades, there is left over crumbs of shadow... if that makes sense?!
Limecrime Venus 2 Palette

Limecrime Venus 2 Palette

L to R Pigeon, Filer, Marsh, Mustard, Fly, Jam, Mud and Boots Limce Crime Venus 2

However the pay off of these colours are incredible and I would say this palette is not for the faint hearted. But if you're a complete makeup addict and love any bright colours go for it! I know at least 4 or 5 of these colours I would happily wear on a day to day basis, where as the other few I would keep purely for creative makeup looks.

I have literally been blown away by this palette.. even though the packaging is cardboard, everything else is brilliant. I have mixed Mac Studio Fix into some of the colours to give even more oomph and also to use some of them ah-mazing shades as eyeliners!

Lime Crime Venus 2 palette
I think I would buy from Lime Crime again as I felt everything went smoothly, although I would have to buy a few things to make the price of the shipping worth it. I think shipping was about £7!

Ive also included a couple of looks which Ive achieved from this palette, if you want to see more of my eyeballs head over to my Instagram!


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