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Monday, 28 December 2015

Instagram 2015 best nine

I was literally half way through doing my 'What I got for Christmas' when my best nine for Instagram was ready, once uploaded I was like ah isn't that nice my top liked pictures of 2015.

Then I thought, I'm guna talk you through these pictures, cuz why the hell not?!

2015 bestnine 

Top Left: These sandals I bought in an attempt to cheer myself up after a bit of an argument with my boyfriend, they were in the sale which made me happy. This also marks my blog starting to include more fashion posts. 

Top Middle: This picture was from a monthly favourites review (I believe it was March favorites), I had just received my Zoeva brushes for my birthday which I still absolutely love! And finally got my hands on velvet teddy.

Top Right: Who'd have thought that my boyfriend would have such good baking skills that his cake got in to my top nine?! Every year we try and make the biggest and best birthday cake we possibly can! It tasted lush and was managed to eat most of it!

Middle Left: This I took, for basically having something to post on Instagram. It was only a couple of weeks ago I took this, but it's were I do all my makeup work and where I read my books, you gotta love ikea for making nice units too!

Middle Centre: This was a makeup of the day look, which involved sticking sequins on my face, I used Zoeva brushes, glitter and sequins!

Middle Right: I still love this top and I want it to be summer asap. I got this top in the missguided sale and teamed it with my Topshop jeans, I love the pattern of this and it was a time I actually went to the gym!

Bottom Left: Everyone loves my Zoeva brushes... Obviously. Once again I photoed my Zoeva brushes in all their glory! But they are amazing affordable brushes if you're looking to buy brushes or need to expand your makeup kit!

Bottom Middle: ah a Topshop classic. I bought this in October after seeing it before holiday in September, I hunted this bad boy down as it was out of stock everywhere, and when I finally got my hands on it I wore it constantly!

Bottom Rght: I love this blanket cardi. I bought this in primark in Edinburgh so when ever I see the cardi I think of the fun I had there, it's warm and cosy and I'm allowed to wear a blanket out the house.


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