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Monday, 30 November 2015

Mac Stone Lipstick Review

Unless you've been living under rock for the last 6 months you will know that some of the Mac lip pencils came out as actual lipsticks. Mac also released new matte shades along with the pencil to lipstick shades. But Stone and Whirl were a massive sell out... I finally got my hands on Mac Stone at the beginning of the month, after a few months of going round mac stores hopefully asking the girls if they had been restocked.

The shade of this lipstick is beautiful grey, taupe colour I would possible say its kind of mushroom shade... if that makes sense? With Stone being a matte finish I can't honestly say it doesn't dry my lips out because it does a little, not drastically though. I have found that this shade doesn't last as well as some of my other matte lipsticks. I have a sneaky suspicion that because it isn't a natural shade or red colour it will appear to wear off a little quicker than other more tame shades.

If you're unsure of taking the plunge on this lipstick due to the colour of it, it honestly doesn't look emo/gothy/weird (or whatever else you are thinking). When I wear this lipstick I tend to keep my eyes relatively simple with small flicks and no eye liner along the water line and define my brows. I use a slightly pinker blush to brighten the over all look up.

Would I buy this again? Hell yes! channeling a bit of 90s all the way! If I could wear this lipstick everyday I totally would. But I can't which makes me pretty sad.

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