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Monday, 2 November 2015

Instagram Loving

Instagram is most definitely my favourite social media platform, its fun, quirky and with a whole bunch of communities on there, whats not to love?!

I do tend to keep my Instagram separate to my blog just as very little traffic comes from my Instagram but I thought I would do a blog post on what I post and who I love to follow on Instagram.

Having studied theatrical makeup uni, Instagram is the perfect place to show off any fancy/creative makeup I've decided to post. I find putting my makeup on Instagram is the easiest way to get my work out there! Aside from this I post any beauty products I love, and when I'm feeling good about an outfit I'll pop that on there too! I don't tend to put much personal stuff on there purely because I'm quite a private person!

 I can't say I have a themed account as I just can't stick to one thing! I love fashion, beauty and creativity to much to ditch half of them! However if you want to boost your followers I would advise to stick to one theme, engage with all the lovely people who leave comments on your images.
Share the love! Take 10 minutes out of your day to like a picture which inspires you, and maybe leave a couple of thoughtful comments, not only does that make the user feel good about them selves but they will probably want to say something thoughtful back!

This is the kind stuff I put on Instagram, Ive got food, makeup and beauty products mixed in there!

Users which I love at them moment

@Sharethyslay this account is run by self taught makeup artist Lois (her account is pretty cool too @loismua) it showcases and features makeup looks which users have tagged with the hashtag #sharethyslay. Its a great way to find inspiration and new people to follow!

@loismua As mentioned above Lois has a pretty cool account which has all sorts of different makeup looks, she engages with so many of her followers which is really refreshing to see!

@thepaperdashery There are so many cute and pretty pictures on there, cute washi tape, christmas card and lots of other stationary bits and bobs.

@sophierosie._ Is a lovely account for lifestyle, ootd's and red lipstick, the style of image is lush too!

@hazeljaneblog So much baking. All the food on Hazel's instagram looks to die for! Theres also a couple of adorable penguins snaps on there too!

What are your favourite Instagram accounts? if you've got any favourite accounts leave the user names in the comment box!



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