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Monday, 21 September 2015

Happy Birchday - Birchbox September

After lots of teasing on the ol' social media, I was literally jumping up and down at my door everyday hoping my September Brichbox would arrive before my holiday. Unfortunately it didn't, which wasn't a problem, more of something to look forward to for when I came home. Then my neighbour decided she didn't want to answer her door for 2 whole days... until now. I finally have my eagerly awaited Birchbox. And it was totally worth the wait.

Happy Birchday Birchbox!
For those of you who aren't Birchbox subscribers this is Birchbox's 5th birthday. Having launched in the USA in 2010. It was the first kind of beauty box to grace our door steps and  for this special month they chose 2 lucky birchbox-ers to help design this months box.

Birchbox have gone back to their roots when choosing the products to pop into our Birchboxes this month; The USA. I received 3 NYC brands, 1 Brooklyn brand, 1 San Fran brand and a Beauty bonus product.

The NYC brands 

Laura Mercier Facial Polish (£26 full size)

This is a lovely product with ultra fine micro beads to buff away any dead skin cells. Perfect for me who is currently sporting a peeling nose from sun burn. After using this my skin feels soft and subtle. It has a lovely light floral scent to it which isn't over powering. This is actually my first Laura Mercier product and I most definitely will look into the rest of the range.

John Master Organics Citrus Neroli Detangler (£16 full size)

I have only used this product through the ends of my hair and it does a fantastic job of hydrating and smoothing my hair. I honestly think this will be an amazing product when I begin to use it how the instructions state. A girl with hair like mine needs as many detangling product as she can get! Top of the ingredients list is Aloe Vera followed by various natural plant based extracts. It also has a very citrusy kick to it!

Beauty Protector Beauty Wash (£8 full size)

This body wash smells devine! It is a baby, baby size perfect for weekends away! Im not sure if I would get a full size of this purely because I'm not rich enough to spend £8 on Body Washes!

The Brooklyn Brand

Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip pencil in Cray- Cray (£17 full size)

The shade of the is a lovely coral colour, something which doesnt suit me when applied on the lips but is lovely as a wash of colour for my cheeks!

The San Fran Brand

Benefit the POREfessional; License to blot. (£15.50 full size)

For someone who doesn't suffer from oily skin or a shiny t-zone, I was still super excited to get this product and have a play around with it! As always benefit kills it with the packaging. Next time I'm out clubbing I will take this cute little product with me to see how it stands on a night out when no doubt I will be suffering from an oily t-zone!

The Beauty Bonus

The Birchbrush £5.99

Basically. This is a tangle teaser but without the name tangle teaser! I am so god damn happy with this, I have wanted a 'tangle teaser' styled brush for-evah. It smooths and detangles my limp fine hair like a dream! It is also perfect for on the go as its the size of your palm so wont take up oodles of space in your hand bag.

Who else receives Birchbox? If you do I would love to know your thoughts on this month's box! If you haven't tried a beauty box I would definitely tip your toe in and order a beauty box, as it is literally like Father Christmas has been every month for me!


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