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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mac Lipstick Collection

At some point everyone goes through this start off with one mac lipstick and then you get an unhealthy obsession to buy as many as you can. It has been a while since I bought a Mac Lipstick and I'm actually really proud that I've lasted about 3 months without purchasing one...
From Lightest Shade Anti clockwise: Myth, Blankety, Velvet Teddy, Syrup, Plumful, Red Balloon, Lady Danger, Ladybug and Russian Red.

Left to right:  Myth, Blankety, Velvet Teddy, Syrup, Plumful, Red Balloon, Lady Danger, LadyBug and Russian Red.

Russian Red

God, this is the perfect go to lipstick to make you feel on top of the world! I feel like every girl needs this lipstick at some stage in her life,  a lovely mid to deep red colour with a matte finish. It lasts well and I tend to find doesn't dry out the lips. 


I'm not sure what I like more about this lipstick; the shade or the name! Ladybug has a Lustre finish too it so it doesnt last that long, although it is  a beautiful colour I tend not to wear it a lot mainly as I have to reapply it, but for a summers day when a matte seems to much to handle, this is perfect!

Lady Danger

This was my first ever Mac lipstick I bought, and although I love the colour I'm not sure it suits my skin tone. However I do think I might dip my toe in the pool again with this shade as I do love it. Lady danger has orange undertones and so bright, not for the light hearted I don't think! This is also a matte shade.

Red Balloon

I believe this is a limited edition lipstick from the Mac Playland collection in 2014, a bright pink lippy in the amplified range. This means its packed full of colour with a little shine too it. I find this lasts well considering it isn't a matte shade and I only need to apply it once to get the full coverage of product. I take a little extra care with this one as if I damage it I wont be ale to get a replacement!


A lustre mauve colour, this is a perfect go to lipstick for all occasions, you can wear it in the day or dress it up in the evening and as its a lustre finish it wont dry the lips out at all, I think this is one of my favourite Mac Lipsticks and this would definitely be a shade that I would buy over and over again.


I have currently fallen out of love with this shade, a light pink with mauve undertones, Syrup has a lustre finish to it, I think this is a lipstick  case of 'my lips but better'.  I think I will fall back in love with this product but at the moment I am favouring the bright colours as we hit summer! A big bonus point to this lippy is you can get away with applying it with out a mirror which if you're like me who forgets to pack a compact mirror is quite handy.

Velvet Teddy

This lipstick has taken the beauty world by storm! and I love it! This is a matte finish, browny - pink and can only be described as my lips but better, this shade is perfect for day time and at night time with a lipliner to add some definition!


I love this shade, although I only sometimes wear it. This again is from the amplified range, and I find with this lipstick I have to be wearing the correct dress and makeup to make it fit in. I think with this shade I can only just get away with it suiting me.


Last but not least Myth. If I'm honest I'm not to sure why I bought this lipstick, at the time it seemed like such a good idea, however it just does not suit me or my skin tone. When I wear this it reminds me of that weird trend when girls used to put concealer on their lips when they went clubbing, it seems to have a peachy undertone, something which I can safely say is not a winner for me. On the plus side I love using this as a base when I do lip work to make the brighter colours pop!

After running through my list of Mac lipsticks it has given me the itch to go and visit a coutner in the near future, if any one has any recommendation on my next mac lipstick purchase please comment below or tweet me! 
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