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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lazy Girl's Guide to the Gym #4

Dont worry guys I have not forgotten about the gym and this series! Ive just been a little busy the last few weeks to document what Ive been up to. 

So what can I say... its safe to say I'm still pretty lazy when it comes to exercise, but hey I'm trying. 

Over the past couple of weeks I've been going to the gym with no kind of major direction, so for next week Im going to devise a gym rota. This will give me an idea of when I'm meant to be going (providing I dont get side tracked by chocolate cake), what I should be working and for how long. due to shift work occasionally I can't get to the gym in time, or I've gotten up so early I'm shattered to go at the end of the day.

Also for keeping up with the gym Ive treat myself to a few extra clothes from missguided. Sadly not gym wear. But keep those peepers peeled for a fashion post!

Anyway lets discuss what I've been up to, last weekend I had to work, and when you get home at 6.45pm you do wonder whether to bother going. If I'm honest I had the best session in 1 half hour than I have in spending ages in the gym. I literally went at the end of the day and smashed out some squats, deadlifts, lunges and a back exercise. I found this so productive as I didn't stop and prat about. So if you are struggling to get to the gym go right before closing time or at the beginning of the day. You have a time limit (closing time) and you have a bit more direction. Its also empty so you don't have to wait about for equipment.

Since the weather has gotten nicer I am able to walk to the gym, it takes me about 15 minutes. This is handy as it is getting more exercise into my day compared to whether I drive. So if you want to spend a maximum of 30 minutes in the gym, why not jog or walk there? Obviously providing you are in close enough proximity. 

Make it Count. Don't jog on a running machine whilst texting/tweeting/instagramming/facebooking. Take a break from the world and solely focus on the gym. I am a social media girl and I've found just having 40 minutes focusing on the gym has made me feel so much happier and more refreshed. 

Dont feel bad. I often wafer when going to the gym. Then I pack it all in for the evening and don't bother going. Don't feel bad about doing this... as long as its not all the time.


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