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Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Lazy Girl's Guide to the Gym #3

This is my 3rd week of making an effort to go to the gym, last week my aim was to attend the gym 3 times this week. I failed. Now ok I have a good reason! I actually own only 1 pair of 'gym wear' and whilst I could have organised my washing machine plan slightly better, my gym wear did not get the treat of 3 washes this week, and my worst fear is being smelly, so as I had no clean gym wear,  I didn't go the 3rd time.

However on a positive I am now competent on a running machine, and the fears of me falling off the things are slowly diminishing. I do thoroughly enjoy you tubing people who fall off running machines, but it would not be funny if this happened to me, I would never return to a gym again.

I have been doing a number of arm exercises, which are surprisingly satisfying. I did some shoulder presses, and a load of other stuff which I'm not entirely sure of the names of the exercises as my boyfriend was just telling me what to do. Handy for you reading I know.

The second time I went to the gym this week, I lasted about 35 minutes, it just wasn't happening for me, my commute home from work, took an age, I had to walk tot he gym in heat in a 100% polyester dress, so when I arrived at the gym I already felt like I had done a work out.

On to other things I am looking for new gym wear so I can increase the amount of times I go to the gym without relying on the washing machine. If anyone has any recommended brands that would be most welcome.

If any of you want to see or read anything specific please do let me know, as I would love to know your thoughts. You can contact me through twitter @OhhSoRosie, leave a comment on my Instagram @ohhsorosie or comment below!

Thanks Dolls!


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