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Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Lazy Girls Guide to the Gym #1

Now I love cake as much as the next person. If I had my way I would eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However my 50 year old would not thank me. So for this series I've decided I'm going to document my gym journey, to get as protein world ask' are you beach body ready?'. You know the company who caused massive controversy at the beginning of May and pretty much divided the whole world of social media.

In the last nine months I have attempted to go to the gym and each time I lasted 6 weeks until I just stopped going. But not this time, this cake monster will conquer the gym.

So I am going to do a few tips for lazy gym goers, like myself to get to the gym to achieve whatever goal you may have.

1. Find a gym buddy who loves the gym. Luckily for me  (or perhaps unluckily) my boyfriend is one of those annoying gym freaks who pushes me to go. Try finding some one is already a gym goer who will be happy to encourage and help you. Or grab a mate and go and sign up.

2. Do not, I repeat do not go and do cardio every time you visit the gym, firstly you will get bored and secondly weight lifting/toning (I find) is a lot more rewarding. FEEL THE BURN.

3. It will not happen over night. At the moment I only go to the gym twice a week, don't tire yourself out before you begin, start going a few times a week before you feel confident to go numerous times.

4. If you lift weights you will feel like a frail human being. But stick with it. Soon you'll be a power house!

5. Don't go crazy on the gym gear... just yet. There are loads of afford gym clothing ranges, Missguided has a great selection as does H&M. When you get serious with the gym maybe start looking at more branded clothing. Same goes with trainers. There is no point spending a load of money on gym gear when in 3 months time you decide the gym is no longer for you.

6. My aim is to make the gym a lifestyle choice, not just to be beach body ready. Think about what you can realistically achieve.

I am hoping with this blog series it will help me stick to the gym and also encourage you readers to start doing some exercise, even if it is just an extra walk a week.

I would love to know your gym journeys, comment below or find me on Bloglovin', Instagram and Twitter!


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