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Monday, 2 February 2015

Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara, Elle Magazine.

Hi There!

Right okay, like many others this week, I was waiting for Elle magazine to hit the shelves. Why?! Because Benefit have only gone and released an exclusive sample of their new mascara; Roller Lash to all Elle readers! I'm not going to lie here, my heart did race a little, when the thought of all Elle magazines being out of stock, by the time I got the super market. But trusty Asda had loads. Panic over. 

Roller Lash

Now the actual release of this mascara isn't until the end of February (27th of February I believe) so I'm sure come 4 weeks time the beauty world is going to go mental. 
Roller Lash

What the product claims to do?

'Super- Curling and Lifting Mascara. Which will leave your eyelash curlers redundant'

Roller Lash - no curlers used.

What I thought of the product?!

I do love this mascara. If you're sat at home reading multiple posts on the 'Elle -Benefit release', then believe the hype, this mascara is pretty fabulous. Roller Lash certainly curled and lifted my lashes, it lasted well all day, and I was out and about doing all sorts of things. It didn't flake which makes me extremely happy, because there is nothing worse than buying a mascara, only for it to flake. I also found the brush easy to control and had no problem applying it to my bottom lashes either. I have also used this mascara without eyelash curlers and with, and I can honestly say there is not need to use the curlers, the mascara does a fab job on its own!
Roller Lash


As always you can't really fault benefits packaging, the pin up style theme they have running through their products never gets old. I love that in the Elle magazine they also gave a cut out of hair rollers to put on your Instagram, but my face is too small for the cut out, god dammit. 

I love this product, and depending if I have the spare cash will determine whether I purchase it or not. If you want to try before you buy I suggest hot footing it down to you're local shop to nab a copy of Elle's March Edition.


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