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Monday, 12 January 2015

Shopping Haul ft Lush, Mac and Topshop

Afternoon, as said in my previous post... I'm back! 
Today I thought I'd do a bit of a shopping haul post because, well, I went shopping on the weekend! 

Right first up are these gorgeous Topshop shoes, these were in the sale at £15 down from £30. I had seen them at full price a couple of months back but couldn't justify spending the money on them... But now they are all mine! 

Next up is a book called 'It's Not How Good You Are It's How Good You Want To Be.' By Paul Arden (my my! That was a long title) this was from urban outfitters, it's kind of the only reason I go into urban outfitters to look at their books. Anyway this is basically a bit of a pick me up book, because sometimes you need it. 

Whenever a Brighton shopping trip happens visiting Mac Brighton is a must! As you can see I went a bit Mac happy, but it's all worth it. With the boyfriend and I being on a tight budget over christmas we set a limit at £20. So with this £20 I put it towards these purchases. I got a replacement Plumful lipstick as a while back a drunken me completely destroyed my original Mac Plumful. I also got the shade Syrup and a lip liner in shade Beurre. 

No shopping trip is complete without a trip to Lush, in there I picked up the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb. Whenever I use these, I will try and do the classic lush film clip of the bath bomb doing its thang! 

So that's me all shopped out (and christmas money spent)

Until next time,

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