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Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Favourites

I've been back in the blogging world for a couple of weeks, and now I don't even know what to blog about! So with many things, I'm going to take 'baby steps' to get back into posts. Hence doing a January post, I love doing these kinds of posts to end the month off.

So my January Favourites this month include;

Naked Basic 2

My Urban decay Basics 2, I honestly do not know where I would be with out this! I thought I loved my Naked 3 palette more, but now I think my basics is taking home the bacon. It may be a seasonal thing, who knows? The Naked 3 may be back come spring time.

Topshop Coat

My gorgeous topshop coat, I got this in the sale. I had, had my eye on it for ages! Its so blooming warm, and the pockets are so deep, half your arm fits in (okay exaggeration - it fits my hand and my wrist in but thats still quite a lot!) - perfect for some who hates the winter months. i.e. Me.

Polaroid Flash Ring

Polaroid Flash Ring, this is so handy! I love it. It's great to take out any shadows in your photography but I'm also having lots of fun being creative with it too! I got this for christmas and I'm so glad I got given it.
Cremestick Liner Beurre

Mac Cremestick Liner in Beurre - Ive never tried a cremestick liner by mac before, but I'm presently surprised by it. I think this is really good if you're new to doing lipliners. This one is perfect! You can control it easily and doesn't drag on the lips so its quick and easy.
Bombay Duck London Mug 

Last but not least, and please don't think I'm a weirdo but I love this mug. I got it from Bombay Duck London after Kate from Kate Emma Loves posted her 'k' mug on her Instagram. Go and check her out here, when I saw it I knew I had to have it! 

What have been some of your January favourites?
Let me know in the comment box below


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