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Sunday, 11 January 2015


Hello Everyone, long time no see!

Some of you may have noticed my lack of blogging in recent months, work and life sometimes gets in the way.

In those recent months I have really missed blogging and being part of the blogger community, so I'm back, somewhat of a part-timer... but hey at least I'm trying guys! My aim for this year is to just post once a week, as blogging really does take over your life sometimes! 

When I finally get internet at my new place I shall be blogging (wahoo!). I am hoping to be carrying on with beauty but I may add in the occasional fashion or lifestyle post, and of course wish lists, because this is what I spend half my life doing - wishing for lots of lovely things. One day my bank balance will stretch to all the things I want (yes fully aware my head is in the clouds right now!).

So for now hold tight, I will be back soon. But in the mean time why not check out my Instagram (OhhsoRosie), where I'm focusing on upping my photography standards. You can also check out my twitter account (OhhSoRosie), to see what I moan about on a daily basis (because everyone wants to see that). 

See you soon my lovelies


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