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Monday, 22 September 2014

No7 Pop and Glow

I have been intrigued by these products since the word go, and I knew it was only a matter of time that I would find myself at the boots counter. In fact I ended up in town at 3 o'clock on a sunday afternoon to get these.

There was a Radiance Highligher, bronzer and four blushers. I decided to get the highlighter and the new blusher shade watermelon. Mainly because there was a buy one get one half price on which I quite liked the look of. 

So the blusher... I love the shade, its a lovely raspberry colour, and is easy to apply, its very bright so only a small amount is needed, I use my fingers to blend it in or a duo fibre brush. 
I love the packaging, as its kind of like a large lipstick and i find its far more interesting than a normal blusher pallet. The last- ability of this is extremely good and I enjoy wearing it. I think although this is really bright it does blend into a  natural look. 

The Radiance Highligher, now at first I wasn't to sure, it looked a bit shimmery. However if you apply a small amount and blend it gives lovely results. I personally at the moment only use this products on the tops of my cheek bones. If I want to add more i dap my finger on top of the product and dap it on to my nose etc. I have found if you 'draw' (as in apply the product straight to the skin not dap the product from my finger)  the highlighter on your nose kind of looks like you've been in an incident with a glitter pot. 

Overall I think both these products are good little buys. They are easy to pack up into make up bags and handbags with out getting in the way. I actually like that there aren't loads of different blusher shades, in total there are only four, but I feel this makes it easier to choose! maybe Im just too indecisive who knows?! It would be cool to have a matte bronzer to create contour looks!


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