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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sudocrem - Skin Care Cream

Ok so I know what you're all thinking, isn't Sudocrem* what you put on babies bums? Well Folks this cream is a growing skin care cream and many celebrities swear by it. 

Since using this the skin  on my face appears clearer and brighter. When I first began using it, I was using too much and I was left with some what greasy skin, I don't know if this would happen to everyone, but my skin just didn't like the thickness. I decided to use only a tiny bit and only in the places  I had problems with, this cream got rid of any blemish or spots I had in a night, which is pretty good.  Ive also found it handy for day to day annoyances from small grazes to nail hangs. 

I love how the packaging is small enough to pop into your make up bag or hand bag. The amount of product you get is 30g and easy to dispense. I've seen the tubs that it comes in and was always slightly put off due to the un practical packaging, so the tube is a great improvement! 

Have you tried Sudocreme as a Skin care cream if so I would love to know your thought and experiences on it! 
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