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Sunday, 17 August 2014

London trip feat Topshop

On Saturday I took a quick trip to London and although there was the thought of not spending any money we all knew that I would buy something, I also found a whole host of things which I need/want. 

So this little beaut was in the Topshop sale I wanted it when it first came out but for the full price of £40 I was slightly put off. I first saw the blue version they did  and then found this orange one in my size hidden else where. I love the colours in this playsuit. It's also a great length not to short not to long! 

Next up. Is this..

I love head dresses and although this is the first one I've bought I do spend hours looking at them. I just be-grudge spending over £20 for them. This one I've had my eye in for a while I got it from accessorize and it was meant to be £22 but since it has been in the sale, I finally got it for 70% off which meant it was a mere £6.60. I love this so much even if it is a little big for my head! 

And now on to my wish list which if I'm honest will probably stay that way! 

These are just so cool, I love the fluffy bit but I just know I would end up trashing these on a night out as I'm so clumsy! However these cost £58 but I'm pretty sure missguided will bring out similar and cheaper ones like these ones! 

I love this cropped blazer, there was a matching skirt which also looked cute. This blazer costs £68 but it felt really high quality and I think it would last forever! I think the skirt retailed at £40.

These just seem so kooky and cool, I want these so bad but I literally have nothing to wear with these which I like anymore. It's been a while since I had a massive spend up so if I got this I would have to buy a new outfit to go with them... God I'm bad, I totally feel like the girl out of the confessions of a shopaholic! 

I just really like all these colours together I have no idea how much they were but they would look really nice with some printed trousers or even just to chill in!

As always I would love to know what you think of my blog and the things I feature! 



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