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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Empties post

Ive always wanted to do an empties post, and I've  finally accumulated enough empty products to do so. (Wahoo!)

Garnier Micellar Water

I got this in Early May/ Late April, mainly because everyone was talking about it and I wanted a piece of the action! I love this water. On the back it says you get 200 uses out of it, which on reflection I probably have had near that amount - using it twice a day morning and night. Garniers Micellar Water does an extremely good job of removing Gel eyeliner and mascara. I have been pretty impressed with this product and would definitely buy it again. It would be good if they did mini ones for weekends away etc though.

Benefit Bad Gal Lashes Mascara

Right so, I first experienced this a while back (maybe over 2 years ago) as a free sample from Glamour magazine and thought it was amazingggg! I then asked for some for christmas as I didn't know what else to ask for. Since then I've had a love hate relationship with it. It just seemed to flake and drop from the word go. However I love the mascara wand which comes with it! I don't think I would buy this again, but I would keep the wand, if it fitted in another mascara pot, if not it would be handy as an eyebrow brush.

Marc Jacobs Honey.

This smells devine and also though its not completely finished it is starting to get to that point of having to move the bottle around to get the perfume by the tube so it sprays out. Anyway I love this fragrance, its lasted me a year. It lasts a good four hours. 
Here are the fragrance notes, If I tried to explain the smell it just wouldn't go well, there would be a lot of umming and ahhing haha.

Top Notes: Pear, Juicy Mandarin
Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honeysuckle
Base Notes: Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods

I probably would buy this again but Daisy Dream has just come out, which I love the smell of.

Mac Plumful Lipstick

Right this technically isn't empty, its more beyond repair, I first broke this on a drunken night out and managed to fix it by melting the lipstick back on to the base (i was sober for the fixing part). Since the hot weather, constant travelling, and chucking it in to different make up bags the lipstick has now come away from the base again and mushed everywhere inside the packaging. I can probably put it in to a little pot though, however I love this lipstick as I can wear it daily, but its also amazing for a night time look. I will be repurchasing this beauty when I get paid.

Marc Hill Does My Hair Look Big In This

Gives my hair extra volume, however I don't think this is the best I've ever tried and I actually prefer the shockwaves one I had before this one, However it does/did the job. I don't think I would re buy this purely because there are so many mousses on the market.

So That is my empties post done and dusted, have you got any empties posts coming up? If so leave links below so I can check them out!
I have a Giveaway here if you fancy winning a Mac Lipstick in a shade of your choice.

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