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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

I am extremely dubious when to comes to BB and CC creams. When ever I gave one ago I have hated it. With a passion. I don't know why but all the formulas I have tried just ended up oxidising on my skin and going really orangey. However while the English heat wave was in full swing I needed something a little better than my tinted moisturiser but not as heavy as my Foundation. As Bourjois seem to be pulling out amazing products on a regular basis I thought, I would give the CC cream one more chance. So off I went and got Bourjois' 123 Perfect CC cream in Light Beige. If it wasn't summer I would have definitely picked up the lightest shade, but luckily for me I am rocking a tan (a base tan at that!)

So anyway on with the product review. Firstly, this product is extremely runny, if you have swatched/tried/have Mac face and body, it is similar to that. I don't really mind this but, it can be messy if you over squeeze the tube as you get more product out than you need. You don't need much to create a flawless base with this product. If I feel like I need a bit more coverage, I add thin layers of product on top.

While using this product I have seen a big difference in my under eye circles and any red patches I have on my skin. However my skin is fairly good so I can't say how it would fair on problematic skin, however my use in under eye concealer has reduced.

I think this does help give an illuminated effect. I don't really feel like my skin is hydrated though, and it does say on the tube 24hr hydration. I mean it may well be hydrating my skin, but I can't really tell, this may just be my skin though who know?! The lastablity of this product does do pretty well, it lasts all day with no problems for me. 

Overall I would buy this product again. But I do really want to try Mac's CC cream... Maybe Ill buy the Mac one and that can be my 'special occasions' one and the Bourjois one be my day to day one?!

Have you tried this particular product? if so let me know and if you have tried the Mac CC cream send me links of any product reviews!



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