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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser

Vaseline Spray & Go

So this little beauty is up for a review today, to be honest the adverts didn't really register with me, things like that never do. But anyway after my friend whipped out a can of it and told me it was amazing I thought I'd give it ago.  Vaseline have realised 3 Spray and Goes; Essential Moisture, Cocoa radiant and Aloe Fresh. I picked up the Essential Moisture one, as my legs aren't in best shape at the moment.

Now for the record I am rubbish at moisturising, I just forget, but I seem to find that most of the products Ive tried are too thick/too smelly/too greasy and the feeling of moisturiser on my hands? just no.

So I think its clever that this doesn't have a lid on it, you twist the top and it unlocks, (it makes a really satisfying noise), so its really easy to lock it and chuck in various bags or boxes and you don't lose the lid.

Vaseline Spray & Go

To use you simply spray 10cm away from the body, and it leaves a small amount of milky like product, rub in for about 3 seconds and you're good to go. I sometimes use it at night time if I can't find my night time moisturiser, but for mornings and through out the day this is a great top-up or freshen up, it definitely helps moisturise; considerably well. It doesn't leave any sticky or greasy residue which I was worried about, and it absorbs straight away. Theres no hanging around you can whip your clothes straight on. It has a pleasant smell, nothing to over powering, kind of like sun cream but not.

Vaseline Spray & Go

Vaseline Spray and Go is great for early mornings and if you're in need off an immediate quick fix. Im loving the concept of this product and will definitely be re purchasing these moisturisers and I will be trying all the different variations Vaseline has to offer!

Have you tried any of the range if so let me know? You can do so by tweeting me @OhhSoRosie or comment below. For an insight of other bits and bobs you can have a peek at my Instagram here and Bloglovin here.


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