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Monday, 7 July 2014

Make up Tips and Tricks from the Trade

Ive decided to compile some tips and tricks I’ve learnt in recent years and share it with all you guys.. Hope you enjoy it!

Unruly Brows

You’ve left your various products in silly places/put it somewhere safe for the time being (it happens) and you’ve woken up with eyebrows like your granddads… not cool. Never fear you have two options, A. grab the hair spray and eye brow comb; give the comb a little spray and wahey you have a quick fix eyebrow solution.  Or B. that clear mascara you bought for no real reason, it’s your new eyebrow gel, and the cheaper the better.

Tinted Moisturiser

Tinted Moisturiser

You’ve found your favourite face moisturiser and your favourite foundation, yet no tinted moisturiser which fits the bill, well just mix your foundation and moisturiser together to create your own perfect blend of tinted moisturiser… For days when full coverage seems like too much effort.


You curl them, they fall flat. You sadly look at the eyelash curlers you’ve just spent money on and wonder what the hell are you meant to do with them. Now if you don’t have a hair dryer I do not know what is wrong with you?! But if you do give the curlers a blast with the hair dryer and now you have an upgraded eyelash curler. You’ve beaten your lash woes!


You’ve found the BEST WAND EVER. Only to be met with a completely useless formula, just re use the wand in your favourite mascara. (clean it first guys!)

Cream Blush

Lipstick Double Up

Do you really need a new cream blush? In fact do you even need to buy a cream blush? You’ve probably got a gazillion lipsticks… and probably some which are less used than others. Double up product I hear you say? Lipsticks are great to use as a cream blush and sometimes even better you can be more creative with all the different finishes and textures lipsticks have to offer!

Eyeshadow Drop -age.

Ah the perfect base, the perfect smokey eye…. Hang on a second the eye shadow has dropped?! How does this even happen?  Ever get a beautiful eye make up and had an excellent base only for some eyeshadow to ruin the complete look, theres two ways to avoid this, either use tape, something like masking tape (its not as sticky and less likely to pull and tug) and put it along your cheekbones or Leave the foundation to last, this creates an even better base, (do your forehead and eyelids before applying the eyeshadow though)

The Perfect Flick

Winged Liner

We’ve all been there –the eyeliner is going terribly wrong and its just not your day to do a killer winged liner look. Oh but it is. Grab some masking tape, angle it correctly and apply the liquid/gel liner along the top of the tape and you’ll be the queen of winged eyeliner.


Scared of the dreaded lift on the inner corner, ditch the strip lashes and head to the individual section, you can avoid any lift and can be really creative with applying the lashes, and over time they are just as easy and quick to apply as strip lashes. Just make sure you have tweezers to hand!

Covering those dark circles

Using the same concealer for your blemishes and bags? Stop right there lady! Invest in a new concealer aimed especially for under eye areas, these products contain light reflecting particles which reflect the dark circles away, they are less greasy and thick so product doesn't gather under your eyes. All the ones I have come across have a brush at one end and a twist/clicker at the other to dispence the product. If  you apply the product in a triangle shape with the point finishing a couple of inches under the eye it helps give a more highlighted and finished look.

Smashed eyeshadows

Mac Eyeshadow

We’ve all been there you’ve dropped, and smashed your favourite Eyeshadow/ blush (and then tried to blame it on someone else). Order some IPA (100% Alcohol) crush that beauty up even more (its heartbreaking) and add small amount of IPA  to the powder, let it soak up and grab a ‘stamp’ (something the same size as the product) and some fabric lay the fabric over the product and press the stamper in to the product leave for 72 hours to dry, and you will have your mended product! Both 1&2 have been fixed, however this was at about 18months ago, they don't looks neat but it saves you pennies!

Think I missed anything or got any questions about all the tips above please do let me know!  You can tweet me @OhhSoRosie or comment below. You can also have a nose at my Instagram to see what I get up to on a daily basis and follow me on Bloglovin.



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