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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer

I recently purchased Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer in a 2 of £14.00 offer, I really shouldn't have as I am on a spending ban but it just looked so welcoming and erm happy? (I honestly think the name of this product swung it for me). So into the basket it went...

When I first applied this to my skin I couldn't tell a difference and I added more  and thought well this is poo. It was only when I had finished my make up and took a picture (yes i know I'm vein) that I realised it had worked very well.

Bourjois Happy Light

I think as I have an Illamasqua Satin primer (full review here) I was subconsciously comparing it to that, however the texture and consistency of these products are at opposite scales of one another. The Bourjois one is more gelly where as the Illamasqua one is more runny - this may be why I had problems with this product first as the consistency is so much thicker compared to what I'm used too.

Bourjois Happy Light 

The product is a very light pink colour it has a pump dispenser - you have a controlled amount which comes out which I love .... I'm a clumsy girl at the end of the day I can't help it and I end up wasting so much product.

This primer definitely keeps my make up in place all day long, better than some of my higher end primers. It does not look artificial when applied and just gives a lovely light sheen of dewy-ness to my skin nothing to over the top yet nothing underrated. I feel like my skin is some what hydrated by using this product but not massively so, but it does not dry my skin out so it is a win win situation!

Happy Light Blended In
The product illuminates really well in a natural way, and highlights all the right bits, it does help smooth out any fine lines or pores, but I wouldn't say this is the main show stopper of the product. I would more than likely wear this alone with out foundation which I think is a good thing as it shows that it really helps give you a lovely natural glow that isn't too shiny or disco ball-ey.

I now only use half a pump for my whole face so I think this product will last quite some time, I love the packaging - simple yet effective. The glass packaging helps add class to the product however you do have to be careful not too drop this (making a mental note not to use this in any stoned/tiled flooring).

I know there is a Matte version of this and I'm dying to know what its like so if any one has tried the matte version of this please let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @OhhSoRosie. Alternatively you can have a peek at my Instagram for daily updates and Bloglovin.



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