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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Battle of the Blushers

Battle of the Blushers, over the last couple of weeks I've noticed that I have  a growing collection of blushers and thought I would do a rate out of 10 post of a few of my blushers (10 being the best 1 being the worst) I have a mix of different types; powder, cream, gel and liquid to be looked at! 

Blushers From Left to right MAC, W7, ELF, Body shop, Illmasqua and Benfit 

Ah I love this its like my pride and joy, the colour is a lovely coral, with a kind of dewy finish. I think I got this in a sale after christmas, and I would totally buy this again full price, as its cream you don't need to much and it is wise to start of with a little and work your way up building the colour to your desired amount. Dixie lasts all day once set with powder, but it is great to use as base blush and then use a powder blush over the top. I have a love hate with cream blushers as I do believe you can achieve amazing looks with lipsticks but this baby gets a full 10/10 from me! 

Illamasqua Cream Blush - Dixie

Okay sorry for the state of this bottle, its a little bit old and has been chucked into various bags while at uni. This is great for all day long colour, as benetint is a stain it does lead to easy mistakes, it is very light so occasionally you add more and then realise you look like a clown, if you aren't quick enough with it, it looks unblended and rubbish, but the colour is fantastic (rose tinted). It is also lip tint so you do get a 2 in 1 product.  I would love to recommend this to everyone but I think for first time users this isn't really ideal and it is only blend able until it dries, so for that reason its getting a 7/10.

Benefit - Benetint

Mac Blush - Pink Swoon

Okay Im not a massive fan, I just find it does not stay on that well and I have to reapply it quite regularly, its also a little bit too pink for me however this is my fault haha. The only plus to this product is that the packaging is very stable and sturdy, so this bonus has bought the final mark up to a 3/10. ( I've discovered this has been discontinued)

MAC Pink Swoon

The Body Shop Tailored Cheek Tint

Okay so again Ive had this for a while, but I just don't want to chuck it out because its so cool! Its kind of like a gel and comes out clear and then changes colour, you can use as little as you want easily and still gain a nice colour, again as its a tint it lasts all day however as its a gel like substance it is easily blend able compared to the benetint. I believe its limited edition so for that reason I'm going to give it a 4/10  if it was a regular at the body shop it would have got higher!

Body Shop Tailored Cheek Tint

This a new one to the collection, I really like this as a day time blush its nothing too out there and is suitable for work and day to day tasks, its easily build able and lasts for a good long while, this too is a kinda of peachy colour and its a good summer blush. Im giving this a 6/10 just because its a safe option.

W7 Smooth Blush Born Pretty

This is another cream blush, I don't really use it very much, I think perhaps its the colour, slightly too pink for me. Having said that I do think this is super pigmented and its has been stuck to my wrist all day where I swatched it, so it does have the last- ability. The thing which I think is great about this is the blush has highlighter in it, you can't really tell in the bottle but when its on the skin its has a lovely sheen to it, this would be great on the tops of cheek bones to really sculpt and highlight them. Its also a bargain at £4.50! This dark horse gets a sound 8.5/10 (it would have been a 10 if I loved the colour more) 

elf HD Blush in Headliner 

I think over all I tend to steer towards creams and liquids, just as I feel they last longer, I find powder is useful for a quick make up look when you're in a rush. I have linked Items where possible but as some of them no longer exist it proved tricky to link all!

What are your favourite Blushers? Let me know by tweeting me @OhhSoRosie or commenting below. If you fancy seeing what I get up to daily check out my Instagram here and Bloglovin page here.


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