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Friday, 25 July 2014

Backcomb in a Bottle

I am a lover of all Umberto Giannini. However I have seen mixed reviews about this particular product. So with my curiosity killed the cat head on I went and bought a mini - figuring that I could use it up and  if I didn't like it, it was no biggie as I wouldn't have a half a can of unused product left to sit and collect dust on my shelf. But any whoo...

What it claims to do
- The instant texture and volume of backcombed hair... unbelievable. Spray from approx 6 inches to where you want back comb effect and jujj hair into shape as you go

Now I just do know what to say about this product. It sort of does the job, but I guess its a half hearted attempt,  Maybe its my lack of hair (it is rather thin) or maybe I was just expecting to much from this product, I just don't feel like my hair has much 'backcomb' to it, and obviously not much extra volume.   It also seems to fall flat after well about half an hour.

Ive tried using a little, I've tried used a lot, Ive tried backcombing then spraying and spraying and then back combing, unfortunately for me I don't think I will re-buy this product as it just doesn't work for my hair, which is annoying as I had high hopes for this. Maybe next time I need to lower my expectations.

Don't let this review put you off because it may just be my hair type and this could work wonders on thicker hair. I d however love the packaging and illustrations on the bottle!

Have you tried Backcomb In a Bottle if so tell me your thoughts by tweeting me @OhhSoRosie or commenting below. If you fancy seeing what I get up to daily check out my Instagram here and Bloglovin page here.


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