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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Make up Revolution Haul and Review

In the recent months Make up Revolution have literally sprung out of no where, their Facebook says they were born in November last year (aww) and already the blogger scene has gone crazy over this make up brand. As my twitter feed has daily mentions of Makeup Rev I decided I needed to give this brand a whirl.

So first things first, the price, its amazing, extremely affordable for a relatively good quality of make up. To give you an idea they are at similar price ranges to MUA (make up academy) however they are not linked in anyway to the brand. Make up Revolution do seem to stock a lot more - over 30 lipstick shades and they do a amazing blue colour (unfortunately I did not buy this, but next time I will!). I decided to buy a Cream Blush mainly because of to the price- I um and ah about cream blushers because aren't they really the same as lipsticks? A baked highlighter, The iconic 3 palette (possible dupe for UD Naked3) and a Brow Fix and Focus Compact. All of this came to a Grand total of £11.00 - thats nearly my whole make up face right there.

Make up Revolution Cream Blush

On the website this looked slightly different to what it does in real life, however I'm not overly bothered by this as it is a lovely colour none the less. Its quite a thick cream, Ive come across others which are more like a grease mark but I definitely prefer the cream to be slightly thicker so I don't get the feeling its going to rub off or melt down my face. The cream blush but it goes on extremely well and blends well. There are 3 other shades in this formula but on the website there is a whole host of different formulas (powder, lacquer, baked and palettes). This is now a keeper in my make up bag, I may not re-buy it just because Make up Revolution have lots of different shades and formulas I'm intrigued to try. 

Vivid baked highlighter in peach lights

This one is my favourite in terms of packaging the pattern in the highlighter looks like its worth more money than it actually is, this goes on amazingly well, I do a little at a time to see how much product I want, and can vary it depending what occasion Im going to. Its not over the top and its easy to get the product on to your brush - you know sometimes when the product just doesn't leave the compact?! There are two other baked highlights one which is very pinky and the other a lovely golden colour, there is also a mixed bronzer palette too. I think this will live my make up bag, and I will probably re buy it. 

Redemption palette iconic 3

The colours in this look very similar to the Urban Decays Naked 3 maybe a little darker but its not noticeably so. Im not sure if I'm a lover of this palette yet as it took me a while to find a brush which would get the product off the palette and give a good pay off when creating looks. I think if I didn't own the Naked 3 palette I would love this, however this may be good for holidays & festivals as the naked 3 is some what heavier (metal packaging) than this palette. I think depending on what brush you use will then determine how much you'll use this palette.

Fix and focus brow shaping kit

For me I found this the best value for money - I know this seems silly as all of the products at Make up Revolution do have a amazing low price to them. But for a mere £2.50 you receive 3 shades of brow powder, a wax cream, a small pair of tweezers and an angled brush, that works out at 41p (isn) per product. So anyway, I don't really use the brush because its too small for me, however everything else I use, its great because to can create an ombre effect with the palette or just use one colour. The wax creates a slight sheen but helps keep the product in place and if you suffer from gappy eyebrows this is great to fill in larger areas. The darker colour did come out darker than I expected though, so I only use a little bit of that. This is now a permanent resident in my make up bag.

Please ignore my expression this is merely to show the products off! 

Overall Make up Revolution is a great brand, they have some really good products and so much to choose from! I will probably re- buy the majority of these products reviewed today, but not after Ive explored the rest of their ever growing brand. I will probably re-buy from the website however I am looking forward to when they get into stores so I can have a play before I buy. 

Have you tried any of Make up Revolutions Products if so let me know so I can have a little look. 


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