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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray

In preparation for summer I decided I was going to go down that route of 'I want beach waves'. I need to look like I've come of the beach with an amazing tan and great hair...which will all be fake. As lets be honest summer lasts a week here.

Anyway, since the beginning of time I have been on the quest to find a sea salt spray which actually works for my hair. So far its been a bit of a rubbish quest, you name the product Ive more than likely tried it and I had pretty much decided that sea salt sprays were a waste of time and money for my 'kind of straight but with a slight wave' hair type. However, I haven't tried Lee Stafford's Sea Salt Spray, which everyone had told me works wonders; with 26 minerals from dead sea salt, sunflower extract to give moisture and shine, I thought this must be it. So in a last bid to see if Sea Salt Sprays were still worth my time, I bought it.

What it claims to do: 'Will bring out the tousled textured look you can usually only get after swimming in the sea. Hair will still feel soft to touch but with added bounce, definition and body to die for!' It also says you can spray and blow-dry as normal, spray and leave it to naturally dry, or spray it on to dry hair and scrunch it.

Blow Drying like Normal

Umm did I even spray this in my hair? It did nothing, nothing at all. Im beginning to wonder whether Im not meant to add any other product like heat defence to my hair when drying, maybe it effects the spray. I have  no texture, no bounce, or no definition. I think maybe because my hair is quite fine any definition gets blown out but does say 'blow dry like normal'.

Leaving hair to naturally dry

So I cheat for this slightly Im a 'lets roll out of bed and dash everywhere as I'm disorganised kinda girl', I blow dried my hair until its damp and then sprayed the product in, it did add some texture, and it gave a nice smell to my hair.

Spraying in to Dried Hair and Scrunching

I personally find this works the best for me, spray it, scrunch then put in a top knot for 10 minutes and I seem to have the desired effect. some definition, a little bounce, and texture, Don't spray to much as it does make your hair feel sticky.

Overall, I think this is good to use on dry hair and it dirtys up my hair. If I were to put my hair in a style, the spray would help create some dry texture to make my hair stay in place and it does give some definition within the style. However I don't feel like I've spent a day at the seaside. Im torn as to whether I would buy this again, as it didn't really do much when I blow dried my hair but did fairly well when my hair was dry, it didn't give me the 'beach waves' I'd imagined but it did add texture  definition. Out of the many Sea Salt sprays I have tried this one has been the best one.

Are there any sea salt sprays which you love and swear by? If so please let me know!



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