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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray | Review

Okay Okay, I'm a sucker for when things come in brightly coloured packaging and have things like 'wonder spray' written on them, they go into my basket with out hesitation. Lee Stafford is a top culprit for me, every time he gets me with his pink packaging and quirky product labelling.  However the question is what the hell does this product do and does it actually work or is it a bit of a flop?

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster is obviously meant to dry your hair faster, it also has a heat defence up to 220c and has a little bit of hair spray in it too to give your style a little hold. Well when I first used it I didn't really think much of it, it didn't really cut drying time, but my hair did have a little more bounce to it, but as time has gone by its seems to actually work.

 I don't know whether its one of those things where its has to get into your routine to make a difference. I have also used it with out blow drying my hair and it just seems to dry instantly. This product is great for me as I'm a lazy person who likes her bed to much, and I also get distracted really easily which normally makes me late. 

Lee Stafford Blow Dry Wonder Spray

So yes in all this product does dry my hair faster but it has to be a stable part of your routine to make a difference, I would say it cuts drying time by 50% (my hair is quite fine). As for the other qualities I still use my Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray and my Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair Range, but I do think this is Wonder Spray helps add protection on top of what I already use. I would say a little more volume is in pumped into my hair after using this product, so the little bit of hairspray does help. Although this is meant for blow drying I have used it when using my heated rollers because it gives a little hold to the roots without it being over loaded with product and helps keep my volume for longer. 

My only annoyance about this product, and I don't know why its annoyed me but, it looks like it would be an aerosol can its not. Its like a normally pump spray. It annoyed me firstly because I was expecting a blast out of the nozzle but instead I got a spray which didn't reach my head. Secondly I can't see if its empty or not obviously I can shake it but ya know you can't just quickly glance at it. I'm sure in time I will get over this though haha.

Have you tried any of Lee Stafford's products? If so let me know.

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