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Monday, 2 June 2014

In the Lipstick Tin

Hi Everyone, today I thought I'd show you some of my lipstick collection that I own and I've decided to rate them out of 10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. I have others, but this post would get to wayy long and boring if I did them all!

Today I shall be looking at Mac, MUA, Illamasqua and Marks and Spencers.

From left: Russian Red | Lady Danger | Wild Geranium | Pink Blush | Shade 3 | Shade 2 | Plumful | Magetism

Mac Russian Red 
I love mac and I think their lipsticks are gorge everything about them: the shades, the textures, the staying power! If you're stuck on a red go with this one its a classic, and such a good shade of colour, with blue under tones it suits most skin types. However it is matte, which my lips can get away with, but I couldn't wear this day after day!

Mac Lady Danger
Ah this is soo pretty, very bright, when I first got this I was a little scared about how intense the colour is but I thought you know what just go with it! This again is matte, and great for a night out, it has orange undertones, so you get a coral feel from it. This little beauty stains after you take it off though which can be a bit of a night mare! However Id prefer staining than un even lip coverage!

M&S Auto Graph Wild Geranium
Marks and Spencer's seem to have loads of lines of make up, I have an autograph one and a Limited collection one (these aren't limited edition I think its just the line name). Both of these feel hydrating on the lipsThis is a moisture colour lipstick, so I find that its like a lip balm with colour, so more like a wash of colour, this is has a orange tone to it, it hydrates my lips, so it does what it says on the tin! You have to re apply this every couple hours as it does fade but its to expected as its more of a balm rather than lippy. But it has the best packaging you click it and it pops out! 

M&S Limited Collection Blush Pink
Its got a nice shimmer to it, the colour is lovely but apart from this its a fairly average and I need to apply a lot in one day! I can't seem to find this shade so I think it may be discontinued.

MUA Shade 3
I have one in Shade2 and Shade3. For a pound I cannot complain, however they definitely need a lip line to them otherwise they bleed. Both have a satin finish to them. It is a very bright pink I'm not a particularly pink kind of girl so I thought a pound wont break the bank and if I don't like it, it doesn't matter. It has purpley undertones in it which gives a nice fuchsia shade. For the money these are extremely well pigmented, and they don't dry my lips out! I think I'd be more encouraged to wear these if I got round to buying a lip pencil.

MUA Shade 2
This is similar to the Mac Plumful, but it has a more purple-y tone to it, these don't last that well, but as this is a pound I really can't complain, I got this one to see how similar it was to plumful, but it doesn't quite hit dupe standard! This got a lower score due to the fact its not dupe worthy.

Mac Plumful
This has to be my favourite! It everyday wearable, it has a lustre finish, doesn't dry out my lips, and it looks pinky but then as it has plum shades in it, which darkens it slightly. Its not to girly but not too vampy!

Illamasqua Magnetism
I was sad when I got this, I had really high hopes for this as I love Illamasqua as a brand and all of their products I've tried bar this one. I felt that the shade online was completely different to what it actually looked like in real life, and it just doesn't sit well on my lips. It is a deep purple-y colour in the tube but comes out much lighter on the lip. It also dries out my lips, alot.

So there you have it, I could go on but I don't want to bore you all!
Are there any lipsticks you've tried that didn't hit the mark as expected?
Let me know
Rosie xx


  1. I love Russian Red too! Such a gorgeous lipstick! Not sure I could pull off Plumful though! Great post! I'll be following on Bloglovin so I don't miss your updates!

    Jaq @

  2. My fave MAC lipstick is DEFINITELY Ruby Woo! Try it out if you haven't yet! And also, love your blog! Consider me a new bloglovin' follower! <3

    Love Rhianna @

    1. Its on my ever growing list of lipsticks I want haha. Thank you means a lot I shall be checking yours out too :) x