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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume

Mascara, Mascara what can I say? I love it but at the moment  I hate it, quite recently I haven't been able to find a staple one I like, I don't know why but this year all the mascaras I've owned have in someway or another been disappointing. 

I sort of bought this mascara in a mad 'Argh I don't know what to get for my 3rd item in a 2 for 3 offer', I looked at brush and it freaked me out and reminded me of a No 7 one I had a few years back which was just awful. Then I went back to numerous different brands and products and then grabbed Bourjois' newest product; 1 Seconde Volume. The packing drew me in, I was like a magpie, all thoughts of massive scary wands flew from my mind and I just saw the silver and orange packaging dance in my eyes. I then paided for my goods and on the way home I had realised what I had done.

So I thought ok it was just that one time I had a massive mascara wand, which didn't work out, Ill give this one ago, well I actually really like the brush, it gives a good amount of product on to the lashes and I can get away with one coat. which is amaze. The brush is a mix of spherical bristles and straight ones, so two different textures in one brush, I'm assuming the ball like bristles apply the product and the straight bristles help to spread and de- clump the product. (I may be wrong but thats the kind of jist I get).

With the actual mascara flaking is quite minimal, which is great as this has been my struggle with many mascaras this year and they have all been new ones as well so its not the old formula. My only niggle is that after about 6 or 7 hours of wearing it, it gets a little bit itchy, I have to give my lash line a rub which is a little annoying.

This mascara looking amazing when your eyelashes are curled, if I don't do this, the product doesn't benefit me that much, but my lashes stay curled all day look when I have used a curler.

Overall I think the mascara wand is great, but I'm not to sure on the actual mascara, the formula just irritates me slightly. Im not sure I will buy this product again, but I will be keeping the brush and using it with different mascaras.

Have you tried Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume if so what did you think?