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Thursday, 1 May 2014

M&S Autograph Gel Eyeliner

As I'm sure you're all aware gel eyeliner has been sat on all the aisles of drug stores for a few years now, some people love it, while others just don't get along with it. I personally love it... sometimes, I have a habit of not putting the lid back on the bloody things, which leads to them drying out and being completely useless and I've tried the youtube tricks to get my gel liners back to their original gel state and it just doesn't turn out the same as before. I've tried Revlon (meh) and Maybelline (okay), and faced up to the fact that I'm not at all responsible for a higher end gel liner like Mac or Bobbi Brown as I'd just forget to put the lid back on thus ruining them forever!

However on one occasion I got bored of my mum looking at the home wear section in M&S and took myself off to their make up stand, and what did I come across? Autographs Ultimate Wear Gel eyeliner. I thought I'm in need of a new Eyeliner why not try this?! 

This liner is simply great for new time triers, its creamier than other brands I've tried, which gives for an easy application. Its also in my make up kit as its far easier applying this product to other people compared to the Maybelline one (I just found this went all sticky and clumpy) making the task quicker.

Ive found it stays on very well and doesn't move down my face or fade through out the day, but its easy enough to get off (I'm not rubbing my eyes into blindness with chemicals to get the stuck on eyeliner, off!). Its also so easy to apply and takes a lot less time applying it compared to liquid and other gel ones I've used. The product is gentle enough to clean up any lines which aren't quite right and its build-able. Ive found because it has a creamier texture if I ever do forget about putting the lid back on (I'm getting better I swear) the damage isn't as bad and its still very much useable.

The Ultimate Gel Eyeliner is just £7.50 which is an average price to pay for Gel eyeliners on the highstreet and can be found in store at M&S or online here, it also comes in brown as well as black!

The only downside to the Autograph liner is, it doesn't come with a brush, but I think its always good to invest in a good brush for eyeliner, you can get a one from M&S for £5.00 which can be found here.

Have there been any of M&S make up ranges which you tried and got great results from? If so let me know!




  1. I love gel eyeliners, this one looks good, I hate it when eyeliners don't stay put!

  2. great review! i have never heard of or tryed this brand but it sounds awesome! :)