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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Inside My Makeup Bag

So these are  the things in my make up bag! 

When you lay them out it looks like quite a lot and the sad thing is this isn't all of it and the whole lot just wouldn't fit in the photo. 
1. Naked 3 - I could not live without this! 

2. M&S Autograph Illuminating Under Eye Concealer - I'm so glad I found this product it's so good and not too creamy 

3. Maybelline Baby skin - I'm going to compare this to benefits porefessional for a faction of the price.

4. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel - what can I say it's an eyebrow pencil I'm fairly sure they don't really differ that much from brand to brand.

5 Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - I could talk about this til the cows come home. But I have a full review here if you want to find out more!

6. Elf Duo Fibre Brush - good for blending in foundation but not amazing.

7. Real Technique Brushes - simply brilliant I would even say they are better than some of my mac ones.

8. Benetint - ah I love this, but you have to blend it in really quickly otherwise it dries blotchy and looks un-blended.

9. A sharpener - to keep my brow pencils nice and sharp and to give me my brow power (I don't have brow power  but I like to think I do)

10. Benefit Hoola - great for contouring and a cute travel size is even better! 

11. M&S Autograph Gel Liner - best one I've used. go and buy it! I have a full review here.

12. Clinique foundation - my mum gave me this and I use it for a base contour. But I haven't used it a lot so I'm not us re how good it is.

13. Bourjois - Volume 1 Second - this is new and I'm still deciding if I like it or not.

14. Angled brush - to blend my brow pencil and an eyeliner brush from M&S liner brush which is getting a little old now :( 

So thats it. The picture may look a little confusing but I was trying to be clever and perhaps failed a little bit?

Whats in your make up bag?


  1. ohh gosh I’ve been dying for the naked 3! now that i have a new job,this one is for sure at the top of my list! i loved this post :)

    xx Aly

    1. Definitely worth the money, and they are so pigmented

  2. I always hear such good things about M&S make up, must check it out! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. At first, I was like this wont be good but everything Ive tried has been great!

  3. Argh I can't wait to get hold of the Real Techniques brushes! xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  4. Just found your blog and I love it!!!
    I love the maybelline baby skin too!!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

    1. Ah Thank you! ill Check out your blog :) xx

  5. God I'm so in love with the Naked 3 I'm just dying for it!
    Lovely post :)