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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Batiste Plumping Powder

Hi Everyone! How are we all? Ive been uber busy with Uni work this week and quite frankly I think I deserve a break! I only have 2 weeks to go then I'm done with uni forever (wah!/yay!)

On Monday one of my lovely friends came down to visit for the day, we trekked to Brighton and got very wet. But I bought some gems from super drug as its their 50th Birthday and they were having a paaarrrttty (they're weren't  but theres lots of deals on)!

Anyway one of the gems I picked up was the Batiste Plumping Powder. The powder is designed to give you big voluminous hair without the need to backcomb. Which is amazing because my hair is so fine and limp it doesn't back comb easily and normally falls out. With this all you need to do is sprinkle the powder on to your hair. 
At first it seems a bit daunting sprinkling it over your head as you are not to sure how quickly it'll come out, but I just keep the pot moving while doing so and only a little bit comes out. you then give  your head a little massage and ta-dah you have massive hair!

You don't need loads of this product, otherwise you end up with very unmanageable, sort of matted hair which is never great. I don't 100% love the feel of this product in my hair, but I haven't really used anything like it before so this may be why. But I can put this aside as it does produce good results.

Please excuse all facial expressions!

Im not sure if ill use this every day as I feel like I would need to wash it everyday which I don't like doing (if I wash my hair everyday its gets thin and ratty). But I know I'll tie this product into my hair care routine so it is regularly used along with the rest of my hair products.

This product is such a good find and I'm annoyed at myself for thinking these plumping powders would be a bit wishy- washy. However I've been proved wrong and the price of this is definitely a winner too!

If you fancy giving this ago you can find it at Boots online here or in store. Or pop in to Superdrug and at the moment its half price!

Have you tried any Plumping Powders if so what did you think?

Rosie xx


  1. Hear so many great things about this! There is a MAC lipstick giveaway of your choice over on my blog!xx
    Katherine Rose | Uk Beauty Blog

  2. Ahh ^_^ that looks very good! I hadn't heard of this product, but sounds very good X

    btw Rosie, answering your question, this is where I got my layout:

    1. Ahh thank you, amazing I really want a decent layout but I'm so rubbish at working blogger haha! xx

  3. I do not know about this product! I wonder if it out i Aus!
    I'm going to check things out this weekend!
    Great post, super lovely blog!
    Kelsey x