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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Jo Malone English Oak Launch

 Jo Malone, is very much a brand that I have spent many an hour lusting over. I love going into Jo Malone stores to have a look at the perfumes I would love to add to my collection (I also take the boyf with me for a hopeful tactic to get a new perfume (this never works)). However Jo Malone is often a very highly spoken brand but a brand I know little about. 

When Katie from Katie Kirk Loves contacted me and asked if I would like to attend a bloggers event at Chichester I jumped at the chance. Firstly because, hello Jo Malone. And secondly I love meeting new bloggers in my area.

When the event started we were served sparkling wine with redcurrant and grapefruit in – it was delish! We were left to have a nose around the store with our cameras. There were literally 12 girls all snapping away and spritzing perfume. I felt having 12 of us really worked well as nothing was too over crowded and there was enough time and room for everyone to take all the photos they needed. 

We were then shown the new Jo Malone Fragrances; English Oak and Hazelnut and English Oak and Redcurrant, you definitely need to pop in store to give these two a spritz (You can also pop online to request a sample too which is pretty handy if you live miles away from a Jo Malone Store). These two fragrances are both two very different scents, but both share one token ingredient; English Oak. We smelt English Oak wood absolute; it smelt like you were standing in woodlands. We also got to smell Redcurrant, which is a quite fruity. And also Green Hazel Nut (These are both the top notes to each of the new scents). Oddly enough I thought the Green Hazelnut would smell nutty as it is a nut but it’s quite a fresh, crisp scent. Jo Malone also makes all their nut scents synthetic so anyone allergic to nuts can still enjoy their fragrances. 

These two scents are going to be perfect for Autumn, I found the English Oak and Hazelnut to be quite a comforting cosy smell a scent, which for me, would be amazing as a home scent. English Oak and redcurrant seemed like it had more too it, with Redcurrant giving an initial fruity scent, which then settles down into a lovely feminine scent thanks to the Damask Rose which is the Heart Note to this fragrance. Both fragrances having English Oak as there base notes.

We were treated to a Jo Malone Hand and Arm Massage, which was amazing, I chose Wild Bluebell as my fragrance layer. The Jo Malone girls whizzed up soap to make foam to first cleanse the skin, it was also super softening, next a hot flannel was pressed down my arm to remove the excess hand wash. Wild Bluebell Crème was then massaged in to my arms and hands, which was so relaxing. Finally the English Oak scents were spritzed on to our arms. I choose to have one fragrance on one arm and the other on the other arm, because I couldn’t decide which one I preferred.

After this we got to stamp, ribbon and bow our cute little boxes with the English Oak Stamps. This was such a fun little quirk in the day that really rounded the event off nicely. Inside were some beautiful luxury sized samples, Peony and Blush Suede Shower oil (I love the fragrance of this one) Pomegranate Noir Crème and Wood sage and Sea salt Cologne all of which work perfectly together to layer to give a unique scent.

There were gorgeous floral displays from Nordic Twig, super yummy chocolates and scones to nibble on. The staff in store were really attentive and clearly so passionate about Jo Malone, which made the event all the more interesting! Fun Fact; Oak is roasted just how you would roast coffee beans.

Flowers by Nordic Twigs

Sunday, 3 September 2017

L'oreal Paris Paradise Extatic

So I drafted this post up before L’Oreal’s views on ‘diversity’ were released via a tweet to the world. I did think that perhaps I wouldn’t review this product because I don’t agree with the way that L’Oreal has handled the situation with sacking their first transgender model; Munroe Bergdorf. However, I will still be reviewing this product, because as a product it is worth reviewing. 

For the last year I have been pretty loyal to Maybelline's Lash Sensation. Which, I still do love. However when my last Lash Sensation was getting a bit dry and old, I thought it would be time for something new.

So, Say hello to Paradise Extatic. L’Oreal’s new mascara on the make up aisle.

In all honesty the last thing on my mind was that it was rose gold packaging. I had seen a few good reviews and comments about Paradise Extatic and thought I'd give it a go. 

This mascara is a lengthening and volumizing mascara, where as my beloved Lash Sensation helped to curl my lashes. Paradise Extatic most definitely lengthens and adds volume. With one coat doing a pretty good job on its own. Two coats, is pretty amazing. Three coats, I think is, perhaps a little clumpy.
One Coat

Coat 2

Coat 3
The brush is a bristle brush something, which I do quite like with a mascara. Plastic bristles are all well and good but you can’t beat a bristle brush. The brush is slightly concaved which helps coat all the lashes. Catching all the smaller ones but also enabling the outer lashes to get a good coating of product. I am a big fan of this brush, its easy to use when in a rush, but equally as good to use when you want to take your time over your application.

Concave brush
The formula is ultra smooth and easy to apply, with no clumps, it also doesn't flake through out the day – which is a god send as I often find it difficult to find mascaras that do not flake or transfer. Paradise Extatic, tends to melt away quite easily when removed. The Mascara also contains castor oil, which helps to soften the lashes as well.

The only niggle with this mascara is the price. We all know that L'Oreal is at the higher end of high street. Full price for Paradise Extatic is going to be £11.99 something which I find a little steep for a high-street brand. However I got this for £9.99 as an introductory offer.

 When it comes to re-purchasing. I do feel bad because, firstly Im raving about a product that I know full well is tested on animals (And whilst alot of my makeup is tested on animals I do want a cosmetic bag free from animal testing). And secondly I feel if I re-brought this product I would be supporting LOreals uneducated views on diversity. I guess a re-purchase of this would come down to morals. If this was based on product alone I probably would re-purchase it, but based on the brands ethics I wouldn't feel happy re-purchasing this. 

Have you tried this mascara? If so what did you think? 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Empties Post

I don’t think I’ve ever done an empties post in my entire life. And I’m kind of excited to-do this!
In all honesty I've never done one because, I either take far to long finishing other things off. Or I just can’t be bothered to hoard empty bottles.


I absolutely loved this product and whilst I haven’t re purchased it, I will be doing so when Autumn/ winter comes around. Ultra bland is perfect for sensitive skin types, who also need a product that is effective at removing makeup.

Liz Earle Rose and Lavender Cleanse and Polish

I loved using this in the morning and evening, its seems to be slightly gentler than the original Cleanse and Polish, which is something which I love about it. The original Cleanser in winter sometimes messes up my skin. Rose and Lavender helps to balance my skin and is also pretty good at removing makeup.

Lush Ocean Salt

I was dubious about this one, I did end up loving it but at the beginning I wasn’t 100% convinced. I’m not sure if I will re purchase this item, purely because I want to try out different exfoliators and scrubs. However I do know if I ever need something that I can trust this will be my go to.

Maybelline Lash Sensation

I have previously re-purchased this mascara, and I do think it is the perfect dupe of Benefits Roller Lash. However as it has been a little while since I brought any other mascara, I think this time round I
'll be have a nose at the other beauty stands to see what they have on offer.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Okay I actually finished this product ages ago, but I've held on to the bottle mainly so I wouldn’t forget my shade number. However at the time of getting this foundation I absolutely loved it. I do think this is a foundation only to use on 'occasions. I found my skin looked flawless with this on, with out the product being heavy or cakey. However because I used the product every day it made me feel like the Magic Foundation wasn’t working because I had gotten used to the look of it. I do think I will repurchase this at some point, but I really want to try other 'cult' foundations.

KMS California Add Volume

I found this product really difficult to work with. Whilst it does work as an end result. Using too much makes the hair sticky. You spend ages parting the hair to spray it into the desired area and then if you miss, it tends to go all over your bedroom. In future I will be sticking to normal foam mousse.

Matrix Total Results So Silver

I love this product for its colour neutralizing, and whilst this does dry out the hair, much like with many other purple shampoos I find this one is the least drying. You can use this once a week to knock out brassy shades by leaving it on the hair for 5 minutes. Or you can wash out straight away for a more frequent use. 

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The Blogging World

So blogging world. There have been a few blog posts saying the blogging world is broken and that it's shit.

Yes we have lots of new bloggers. But this is the same as having loads of clothing stores in a town, they offer the same thing but they are all slightly different. 

When Urban Decay/Benefit/Mac release something new, beauty bloggers go wild, obviously there will be posts on the same product but they'll all be slightly different (unless there is an idiot out right copying). There will be a few who are only buying the new release to review it and then sell 6 weeks down the line (I mean that kind of sucks). But it's not hurting anyone as long as his or her review is genuine, and honest; it isn’t really my business to question why they sell a palette 6 weeks later, but whatever.

White backdrops, Marble Flat lays and Rose Gold everything. You know these are? Trends. This is the same as seeing bomber jackets, embroidery and Nike trainers everywhere; it is a trend. Yet we don not all stand in front someone’s face and say that they are basic because they wear Nike trainers.

I guess for me personally, twitter has a lot to answer for. The blogging community/industry isn’t broken because of white backdrops and marble everything, and the blogging world isn’t broken because of twitter but I don’t know how well we are using platforms to promote ourselves. Now twitter definitely is not broken. People still use Twitter Chats and people do still get a lot out of them. Obviously there will be more chats, as there are more users/bloggers now. Loads of people use twitter as a support network, to meet people, to find new blogs etc.

But let's talk indirects. Ahah the famous indirect. It's like bitching behind someone's back, yet that individual can see it. The indirect tweeter has friends who agree and we have the user, which the indirect is directed at. This user also has their friends on their side. This causes barriers, and thus divides us slightly. It's difficult because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but when someone doesn't agree with an opinion that individual also has a right to air their opinion. Thing is, everyone can see this and again they take sides, which is fine but some many times it's become targeted at individuals.

I would say nearly every other day there is a twitter drama that I either see or hear of, and I just think take it away from the public eye, obviously a healthy debate is good. But being a dick is not.

Being judgemental on how people run their blogs is also damaging, at the end of the day no one is the same, so why should we all do the same things and follow ‘rules’. There are no rules to blogging and that’s the beauty if it. It’s a creative outlet that shouldn’t be judged or bitched about.

I guess this was a bit of rant about all the random things that have been happening on Twitter and certain blog posts that have been floating around. So people will obviously disagree with this, and I don't know if this will make sense buttt, I jsut feel like I needed to rant it out. 

Until next time!
Feel free to leave me your thoughts below too!